about me

Silvia Martínez Rivas (Madrid 1967), better known by her nickname KUTI, is a photographer and artist. KUTI lived in Havana City, Cuba, for 10 years (1998-2008), KUTI where getting close to the people showing us strong and at the same time tender images and sometimes landscapes full of light. In her first exhibition in 2006 One Time she showed her art for the first time to the public, surprising the spectator with the artwork and the original way to exhibit it. Silvia Martínez (KUTI) communicates the simplicity of people, landscapes and corners in both Cuba and Miami. Her artwork have received the attention of private art collectors and art funds and has been published in magazines and were object of radio and TV reports. She has exhibite her work in Madrid, La Habana, México, New York, and Miami. KUTI currently lives in Miami, Florida where she works in different projects about the city.